Almost Home

Almost Home is a small sanctuary for senior cats who have fallen by the wayside. Most of the cats that find their way to the sanctuary have medical issues that can and do include arthritis, kidney disease, stomatitis, thyroid disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and many other conditions that can affect senior cats.

Most of these cats have come from County Animal Services or shelters that cannot handle the day-to-day care that these kitties require, making euthanasia the most common and cost effective remedy. Most of the cats are owner turn-ins, and some have been abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves.

At Almost Home, these cats receive veterinary care and medicine that restores quality to their lives. They receive tender loving care and a warm, secure environment where they can live out the rest of their lives in comfort without ever having to worry again about where their next meal is coming from or having to find a safe, comfortable place to sleep.

Almost Home works with a local veterinary clinic, which allows each individual cat to receive the quality medical services that they require and deserve.

We are strictly a volunteer based operation and 90% of every donation received goes directly to the care and comfort of the cats that reside at Almost Home.

At any given time there are between 30 to 35 cats residing at Almost Home. We believe that these kitties have given the best of their years making someone happy, and here, at Almost Home, we can return that gift to them.

For more information on Almost Home, please email Kayce.


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