BeFriended Felines

Feral & At-Risk Feline Pound Rescue, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY
*A member of RESCUE ALLIANCE of Hairless and Other Breeds, Inc.

*Beginning in the early 1990's, San Luis Obispo County VOLUNTEERS for ANIMALS (VFA) was one of the leading pound rescue groups in SLO County. It was the group from which the coordinators of Befriended Felines originated.

When the founder of VFA had to move back east from the Central California Coast area, she dissolved the group as it was. In order for the existing volunteers to continue the lifesaving work of feline rescue, a non- profit affiliation was required and this was when BEFRIENDED FELINES was born under RESCUE ALLIANCE. As an affiliate (a.k.a "program") under Rescue Alliance, BEFRIENDED FELINES' prime focus has been poured into the felines at greatest risk at our local county animal shelter: adult felines in our county animal shelter system which stood zero chance of getting out alive: those deemed euthanasia candidates due to shelter overpopulation, disposition, fear, temperament, and/or inability to cope within the confines of a county sheltering system. This qualified them as "unadoptable" by county shelter standards. Befriended Felines officiated on November 28, 2006 and has helped to give a second chance at life to over 1,200 felines which otherwise would never have been given that chance.

Every cat rescued from the county animal shelter has been taken directly into foster care; behavior-assessed; given veterinary examinations and any treatments needed to sustain a quality life. All cats are spayed/neutered, FeLV/FIV tested, FVRCP and RABIES vaccinated. Gentle care has always been offered, even to the most mistrusting or aggressive of felines. Befriended Felines has never "selected" rescues based on their breed, color, gender or disposition. The deciding factor has always been: who is a greatest risk?

Homes throughout the county have been sought and found to place cats whose histories stemmed from outdoor life and abandonment, either through wild parentage or mistreatment by humans. Many, many of those cats deemed "feral" by county standards, proved to be simply scared beings, those of which showed their true colors once in a protective, rescue situation . trusting, and wanting love.

Our hearts have always belonged to those who are impounded. Our group consists of quite a small band of caring individuals that does not allow us to help the volumes that are out there. The work is hard and the toll on the heart is harder. But these lives are worthy. Finding foster homes willing to commit for the long run to work with challenged lives -- fearful beings, those who've been thrown away by others -- and then willingly accepting the challenge of putting into motion the efforts to find these animals' quality homes is no easy task. And the takers of this job are often few.

And so our efforts evolve. We continue to help those we can. We serve as supporters of the Cat Habitat, an amazing private cat sanctuary in northern San Luis Obispo County, who works mainly with local animal rescue groups. This lifesaving sanctuary has offered refuge to numerous lives rescued by Befriended Felines. They opened their doors to us and ours, when all other efforts to find these precious animals homes failed.

Our gracious funding, provided us by caring donors continues to help felines at risk.

Our Motto: "Without people such as you, deserving lives stand no chance in a pound system".


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