Short 'n Sweet Dog Rescue

Debby Sweet co-founded Rescue Alliance in 2005. She and a small group of hairless dog rescuers felt that there needed to be an alliance of animal rescuers that could be independent, yet still part of a 501(C)3 non-profit. Once Rescue Alliance obtained its nonprofit status, Debby was the first independent rescue to sign up as Short 'n Sweet Dog Rescue.

These days, her position as board president of Rescue Alliance along with running her own dog rescue, teaching riding lessons, maintaining a ranch and raising two human children keeps Debby busy 24/7! She is fond of saying, I have a great big heart, but a teeny tiny brain. She claims that is why she takes in so many in need and spends her life taking care of others.

In truth, she has been a nurturer since she was a child. Her mother taught her how to feed orphaned birds when Debby was three or four years old. Throughout her childhood she and her family took in stray or injured birds, rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits, chickens and any other furry or feathered creatures that needed saving. Debby readily admits that taking care of animals and children is very rewarding. She claims, the positive energy and love that comes from the animals and children more than makes up for the work involved.


Adopt or Sponsor Gaztzu or Cutezu

When it comes to cute, you can't get much cuter than Gaztzu and Cutezu. They came to Short 'n Sweet Dog Rescue in 2008 after being confiscated, along with 33 other dogs, from a one-bedroom apartment in Bakersfield, CA. It was discovered that the dogs were all related. Sadly, this could have all been avoided had the owner spayed and neutered her dogs.

Short 'n Sweet Dog Rescue took in 17 of the 35 dogs and all but these two found homes. They came in matted and dirty with lice and fleas. Fortunately the dogs were all in good health.

We are not exactly sure why Gaztzu and Cutezu have not gone to their forever home it certainly has nothing to do with their personalities and looks. These two boys are half Shihtzu and half Cairn Terrier with darling underbites. Playful, frisky and bouncy, they adore each other and have never been apart. However, they do not care for other dogs. Because of this we hope to place them together. Although shy at first, they warm up to people fast and love to cuddle. Gaz tends to be the more outgoing of the two. At eight-years-young, they have never been sick and need minimal brushing. They, of course, are both neutered.

These two characters love to play in their water bowls and carry their empty food dishes around. Their personalities make them the perfect companions and they would be very happy to go to a forever home where they can be loved, pampered and taken on walks.

If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring these two special boys, please contact Short 'n Sweet Rescue. Also, if you live in San Luis Obispo County and enjoy spending time with dogs, these two could use a big sister or brother to play with and take them on occasional walks.

If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring Gaztzu or Cutezu, please contact Debby Sweet at: